Compete and win Prizes

Participate in game challenges, compete in rallies, or use your strategic abilities to win battles in the game and receive prizes which you can change to game token. Improve your teamwork and enjoy playing with your friends while competing with other teams to gain Fiat money by selling them in marketplace and Exchangers.

Be adventurous in the game, participate in challenges and missions and earn their rewards in the form of tokens. In these challenges, the player along with cash prizes (tokens) will also receive citizenship popularity points.

To do some challenges like going to nature and jumping over the lake, you need to have a NFT car token, or if you are going to fight battles, you’ll need NFT guns token.


NFT: These can be assets either bought or earned, they could each level up uniquely with respect to the player it is currently owned by. Items could level up differently based on the games it partakes in and the choices made by the player and their gaming style. These items can later be traded or sold and they cannot be copied without the owner’s permission.

What’s more exciting is that when players own all their assets they can even sell their NFTs on a different third-party platform. They could sell it for fiat money, cryptocurrency, in-game tokens, or simply trade it for other unique and interesting game items. Perhaps even trade items from different games to get a head start in a new one.

Furthermore, the blockchain offers more security which means there is less chance of hackers stealing players’ assets. Truly, blockchain gaming has much to offer. Some blockchain games are even allowing players to earn crypto tokens while gaming on the network. Players can earn actual value, not just the in-game kind.