Play to Earn

Metaverser has allocated 15% of the tokens of its total supply for in-game incentives, which will be used as rewards for play-to-earn for players. As a new partner, Globiance has also allocated 1T of his $GBEX tokens to be used as rewards in play-to-earn for players.

Moreover, it's interesting to note that by adding partner's tokens, Metaverser will not deduct from his own allocated $MTVT rewards. But, the partners rewarded tokens will amplify the rewards amounts making playing in the Metaverser in-game more lucrative and rewarding. Following the partnership, now players who have leveled up at each section can visit the Globiance office in Cryptovalley to receive new rewards. This update will be added apart from the already available methods of earning rewards.

How to play and earn $BABA in Metaverser | 1st method (Discovering)
  • Visit different areas of Metaversar Humbaba Island and win prizes! Yes! This easy!
  • Metaverser team has considered a $baba for discovering new areas!
  • But we have made a wonderful deal for the first thousand people, 20 $baba per new area!
  • How to find new areas?!
  • Easy as pie! You have a mini-map in the corner of your screen, which turns into a full map by pressing the E key.
  • There is an arrow on the map that shows your direction and position according to the desired areas, which can get used in finding your destination more easily.
  • Also, by pressing the M key, the menu will open for you and you can choose different places in it.
  • By selecting each place, if you are on the streets of the city, the route finder will get activated and guide you to reach your destination.
How to play and earn $BABA in Metaverser | 2nd method
  • Visit the nature park, play, and get prizes.
  • To start the game, you just need to press the M button in the menu and select the Fun Obstacle Challenge in the places section, then the routing will get activated and you will get guided.
  • But let's not forget about the rules of the Obstacle Challenge:
    • You will earn 20 xp and 40 $BABA if you win this challenge.
    • There should at least be a 5 minutes gap between each win.
    • Only three times a day you will get awarded for winning.
    • You get awarded for winning only 20 times in total.
  • As your efforts to win are important for us, you will also get awarded for your efforts with these rules:
    • You will earn 3 xp and 1 $BABA as a reward for your efforts.
    • There should at least be a 4 minutes gap between each prize gain.
    • Only 10 times a day you can get this prize.
    • You can get this prize only 100 times in total.
  • It's worth mentioning that there's no limit to the number of times you can play this game, however, if you are wishing to get awarded you must pay attention to these rules.
  • As you receive $BABA tokens, you can purchase skills and abilities NFTs using $BABA tokens. After buying those NFTs besides receiving your purchased NFTs in your wallet you will also get $MTVT and $GBEX tokens. The amount of the tokens you get is variable and will get announced to you after launching the game.