Invest in Industries

Make a great income by Investing in industries like wind farms and solar panels to generate great profits. Buy NFT Wind turbines or Solar Power Plants to generate electricity and sell it to miners.

The NFT price of each turbine is $ 1000 for the first IPO and it can supply electricity for 20 miners in the game. The initial capacity of the power plant of the industrial town is 30 turbines.

Green electricity generation income is completely tax-free.
With the purchase of each turbine, the player also receives 100 citizen popularity points.

Buy NFT fossil fuel power plants and sell generated electricity to miners. The purchase price of NFT for each generator is $ 500 and it can supply power to 40 minors.
30% of the revenue of each generator is deducted for the fossil fuels costs.
10% of the income of each generator is deducted as tax.
In the event of a power outage, the required amount will be generated by the game engine and its revenue is stored in the game governance budget for game research and development.

Invest in Transportation Industries

There are intercity trains and airlines in the transportation industry, but in the initial phase of the game, their full revenue is in the hands of the governance of the game: Players are able to Travel to new places, seize new opportunities and earn more.
The more they explore the more they'll gain.

Invest in Commercial transport

This section will be available in the next phases of the game