Investing in Crypto Mining

If you have heard about mining and are interested in starting your own mine but you are hesitant about how you start, Metaversers has made it easy for you.
Through the crypto mining and NFTs system, Metaverser not only allows users to explore the best crypto mining revenue strategy by themselves, but also forge unique NFTs with all sorts of game functions.
For those who are interested in crypto but not in buying and holding actual cryptocurrencies or actual mining equipment with complicated software, Metaserver is allowing users to invest in mining by purchasing in-game miners inside their house. With best liquidity pools , users may gain profitable return from their investment.

Just take a few steps and then you'll have your own mine without the problems you'll face in the real world.
• Buy Miners (Mining NFTs) from Marketplace and start generating tokens
• Buy the house or rent a place in which you can install your device and start running
• Pay for electricity bills (5% of the income)

Players should consider that the purchased house is considered as an investment which you may use for other purposes in the game and it will have its own NFT price, every house can be used for keeping 10 Miners.
Note: There are only 300 million mtvt token that can be mined in total. (15% of mtvt total supply)
Renting space in another alternative you may consider, by paying 15% of the miner's income.
The capacity of the game's first data center is 300 miners and new data centers will be added to the game over time.

You can buy at least one $MTVT miner in Metaverser. But you must have at least one land in Humbaba island to use your miner and extract $MTVT! These miners are connected to smart contracts that release several $MTVT tokens every hour. It is worth mentioning that all the transaction fees in Metaverser are sent to this smart contract and divided among the miner owners.
Note:The technical development of miners is time taking, and its function in the amount of mined $MTVT tokens has not been finalized yet and will be announced in future.
Note:If you buy a miner while you don't own land to use the miner, you can sell it on the Marketplace.