Vesting Smart Contract terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of Vesting Smart Contract for Private Sale Investors

This Smart Contract is only for those who purchased $MTVT tokens in our private sales, and those who received $MTVT in our Airdrops could not vest their tokens as there would no points for them. 

By accepting below mentioned rules and regulations, you will consent to vest all of your $MTVT tokens and your reward tokens that you have not placed in staking pools for 14 months within a specific smart contract.

All vested tokens will be locked for initial three months and then you will have access to one-twelfth of your Tokens. The remaining parts can get taken linearly in 11 parts in 11 months period. 

By vesting your tokens more advantages will come as below:

  • Time priority for buying the remaining Humbaba lands in the public sale. This time priority is the same for everyone regardless of their number of tokens and will get held in two rounds. The first round on August 20, 2022, at 17:00 (GMT) for 24 hours. During this period, each wallet that has vested its tokens can only buy one land. In the second round, on August 21, 2022, from 17:30 to 18:30 (GMT), you can buy more lands without any limitation. If there are any lands left after these two rounds, other people can buy them.

Note 1: If you do not intend to buy land during abovementioned announced time, Metaverser is not responsible for the loss of this opportunity.

  • At the time being, the price of the smallest land (C class Lands) in first island is more than 5 BNB in the market. We have decided to sell the remaining plots for 3 BNB in public. (This price will be varied due to the size and location of the lands) But by vesting your tokens, you will get a discount of about 66%. 

The net price list is as below:

Type Price for those
vested tokens ($BNB)
Remained lands Main Price in the
public sale ($BNB)
Class_B_21x37m 12.2 7 36
Class_B_20x31m 9.9 30 29
Class_B_21x18.5m 4.6 14 13.5
Class_B_18x18.5m 3.1 129 9
Class_C_18x18.5m 2.0 6 6
Class_B_10.5x18.5m 2.0 168 6
Class_C_10.5x18.5m 1.7 12 5
Class_C_10x15.5m 1.0 2432 3


 Note 2: The NFT mint cost of purchased land is currently around 0.01 BNB, which is on buyer's side. Purchased Land NFT Mint allows you to convert purchased land into a unique asset, which could be traded easily and without intermediaries in the Marketplace.

  •  As mentioned in our whitepaper, our first island is Humbaba, which is one-twentieth of the total lands of Metaverser (if the other islands would be the same size of Humbaba), each island has its own DAO, which is called IDAO. However, there is a main DAO that will make the final decisions. In selling the first part of the lands, as informed earlier, 5% of each plot sale will be given to the DAO, which is now reserved with us. Then DAO will decide how to spend it. It is a good opportunity that you will be a member of Metaverser DAO and Humbaba IDAO.

 Note 3: The number of your tokens has a direct impact on DAO voting.

  •  We have several advertising billboards in the cities (except the billboards on the buildings), which we do not sell them. It is supposed to be rented to advertising and marketing companies. The IDAO is in charge of dealing with them, and 70% of the rent income will be allocated to the IDAO. The IDAO can decide how to use it, and only 30% of the income would be allocated for Metaverser team.
  •  You can buy at least one $MTVT miner in Metaverser. But you must have at least one land in Humbaba island to use your miner and extract $MTVT! These miners are connected to smart contracts that release several $MTVT tokens every hour. It is worth mentioning that all the transaction fees in Metaverser are sent to this smart contract and divided among the miner owners.
  •  The technical development of miners is time taking, and its function in the amount of mined $MTVT tokens has not been finalized yet and will be announced in future.
  •  If you buy a miner while you don't own land to use the miner, you can sell it on the Marketplace. 

Note 4: Your $MTVT tokens will not be added during the vesting period, in fact you will not receive any reward.

Note 5: After vesting you are not allowed to withdraw the tokens until the mentioned time above.

Note 6: The wallets that vest their tokens will get compared with the private sale white list, so the same wallet that bought the token in the private sale must perform the vesting operation. If a token is transferred to any other wallet, it must get returned to the same initial wallet to perform the vest operation.

Note 7: We tend to add a possibility to the Marketplace that if a person has several lands next to each other, by paying a fee and following particular conditions, he can connect the lands and have a larger land. The cost and terms of this will get announced in the future.